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ECLAT (École Centrale de Lyon Association des Troisième cycle) is the association of the PhD students who are registered or working in Centrale Lyon. The main objective of ECLAT is to represent the PhD students and to develop the life of students on the campus.

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MAY 29 2017
JUN 02 2017
CRIEC 2017 Event
Every year, the PhD students from all the Centrale schools of France have the opportunity to meet during a symposium named Colloque de Recherche Inter Ecoles Centrale (CRIEC). Each registered PhD student can orally present his works in french or in english. It is an opportunity to have a first congress experience and start to build a network.
MAY 15 2017
MAY 17 2017

If you like beer and science, what's next is made for you ! This the descirption of the Pint of Science festival that will take place from the 15th to the 17th of May. During this event, conferences about recent scientific themes will be presented in bars of different cities in France. During these conferences you could drink some beers.

JAN 28 2017
07:00 14:00

ECLAT orgnanises a visit of the dismantling site of the Creys-Malville nuclear power plant, named Superphénix

DEC 01 2016
20:00 23:00

The annual Christmas Meal of the association will be this year Aux Délices de Jade the first of december 2016

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NOV 10 2016
08:30 22:00

Workshop on morning and talk during the afternoon l'après-midi. More details here.

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