Around the PhD

This is the page Around the PhD.

The main work of the PhD student is to work on a research subject and learn the profession of researcher, but there are more aspects. The doctorate is first of all a professional experience. The student takes part of the life of his work place and works in coordination with his colleagues. The opportunities to present the results of his work during scienitific conferences is also a way to meet specialists and to develop a work collaboration.

The PhD student can also give lessons to master/bachelor students. It consists to supervise practical works and courses. It is a way to discover the teaching work and to extend his knowledges in a larger domain than just the thesis subject.

There are other ways to live his PhD through the popularisation of its results. "Ma thèse en 180 secondes" is a competition which consists in presenting a thesis in three minutes to a large public. This competition is very popular and the participants try to be the most original to win.

And of course, the PhD student is not always alone, working night and day on his thesis. The great number of students on the campus is the possibility to meet other people who work on different domain, make friends and just have good time around a coffee or outings after a day of work.